Multifunctional space and eco-shop of the association «Health and Integral Development» (serving the village and the common good) that offers cooperativist alternatives, from an integral vision of the three main axis of the project:

  • Therapeutic products of natural medicines, energetic, holistic.
  • Alternative health articles.
  • Organization of conferences, workshops and integral health courses.
  • Activities for the participants of the health retreats that can be organized.
  • Directory of health facilitators, therapists and teachers.
  • Alimentation, higiene and cosmetics from the keen cooperativist networks (eco-social).
  • Products from the local producers and the wild food.
  • Products of the responsible consuming and organization of collective purchases.
  • Eco-social coffe-shop, with degustation of alternative drinks and foods.
  • Alternative library and information point without censure.
  • Office of the Change (economic and social).
  • Free WIFI and work tables with fast internet.
  • Nutritive arts (rotation of expositions, sculptures, artisania, music or small format shows, etc).
  • Organization of talks, debates and workshops, offering the space for meetings or assemblies.

These activities have in common some transversal values that we want to keep in all them, related the building of better structures for the common good, post-capitalist and post-statist (the self-organization of the people or ‘social revolution’) based on:

  • the new cooperative, social and solidary economy, using really democratic currencies like FairCoin (social cryptocurrency worldwide) or the social currencies of every region (mutual credit systems, like the ‘ecos’ that circulate in Arbúcies, from the Ecoxarxa La Selva or from the Cooperativa Integral Catalana), stopping step by step to feed the banks and the anti-democratic system of the Euros.
  • the creation of common funds to finance projects for the common good, because they are anti-business and the capitalism will never invest in them, by contributing to the cofinancing campaigns and helping the spread of the Integral Register of Needs and Resources for the Local Self-management, that is creating a common pot of resources of any kind (products, services, coins, materials, etc) in order to help the development of the collective tools we need to improve the resilience of the persons and the independence from the capitalist system.
  • the transparency of the management and the freedom of access to all the information, to guarantee the values and to facilitate the massive distribution of knowledge as a non-profit, using open-source technologies and licences.
  • the vision that all verbs are arts or they should be (the art of cleaning, the art of recovering, the art of working, etc), because the artistic attitude in front of any task helps to enjoy it and improve it, everytime better, feeding the evolution of life.