Open Car Boots – December 15th 2019

Open Car Boots: 2nd hand flea market and integral arts culture

Sunday, December 15th 2019

From 10h, with live arts, food and fire until dark!

Bring what you want to sell, exchange or give, or come to find things you need!
(and make a donation to the space so it can survive)

Popular Lunch at 14:30h (vegan dish 4€, with chicken 6€, childs 3€)

Artistic performances spontaneous at any hour!


Assembly days on human postcapitalism – 6, 7 and 8, September 2019

Assembly days on human postcapitalism. 6, 7 and 8, September 2019, Arbúcies
Open to everyone who wants to contribute to the common good!

Full program and documentation here:

Fridays 6:
Starting from 18h: Reception, presentation and distribution of the documentation.
21h: Supper (Tear and share or inventing)

Saturday 7: monographic debate human and economic aspect of FairCoop 2.0
10h: Improve FairCoop as a local-global movement on the human aspect and the governance-protection of values and aims.
– Presentation of evolutionary proposals: healthy limits for health and development
– debate and consensus-building
– plan for implementation of the agreements
14h: Cooperative lunch
16h: Improving FairCoop ecosystem under the economic aspect boosting the circular economics of products and services
– Presentation of productive projects, mapping of products/services network
– concrete offers for circular local-global economic campaign
– integral registry of necessities and resources for local self-management (and global version)
20h: Overview and collective acknowledgement of the results of the monograph documents
21h: Supper cooperative and Musicart til late

Sunday 8:
10h: 15at Open Assembly of FairCoop Catalonia
14h: Cooperative lunch
If they are no points to be checked, we could to the river to cool off …

Musical Fire Party June 23th 2019

Big fire, live music, grill food, artisan drinks and collective dancing

Screening of Photography about Arbúcies and its people

18h Musical preparation of the inside and outside spaces
20h Concert (inverse ticket box):  Jano and guests
21h Grill dinner (vegan or with meat)
22h General improvisation and SoundSystem until late

Every Week since June 2019

Every wednesday:
14h Social Meal: the rices of Alfonsina
16h Open afternoon of arts and games for health

Every thursday:
17h Change Office: get out of capitalism!
19h Jam ‘Discharge-Recharge’ and musical food

Every friday:
14h Open space of arts and games for the health
19h Musical evening ‘Disconnect-Reconnect’

Every saturday:
19h ‘Guateque’: Historic music for dancing!
21h Young night of integral play’n’dance

Argentina Cultural Party – May 2019

Saturday, May 25th:

19:00h Cicle “La Voz Transparent”Jano productions

Live music, DJ, projections, Art and gastronomy:

Outdoor Grill!! of meat and vegetables…

With the support of the “Casal Argentí d’Arbúcies – La Selva”

Each May 25th, in Argentina it is commemorated the “Revolución de Mayo” of 1810

Total Party! 1 year ago we entered the space! January 2019

A year has passed since we enter the Transparent Space! all sorts of things happened, changes nonstop… from the thursday’s jam sessions the new band Arbuscience (jazz-latin) is born, and many other synergies…


Thursday 24th January:  from 19h

Special Open Jam “Descarga-Recarga” with guest jazz musicians and good stuff for eat and drink.


Sunday 27th January: The whole day!

Total Party! firt year here! 

Transparent celebration day, from 10h with jam sessions and shows, foods, artisan beer, eco juices, wines, etc.
With La Begoneta working, concert by Arbuscience (live jazz) at 19h, Urniturrinkus Selectah and the spontaneous that want to sum-up!