Cancelled activities due to the state of alarm

Notice about the State of Alarm (March 2020):

Given the current situation of confinement, the measures adopted by governments, the mobility or reunion restrictions that are being applied, and the consequences of disobeying them:

In-person activities of the Transparent Space are canceled until further notice.

Specifically, the event on Sunday March 22th, is postponed, with no scheduled date: “Open Car Boots: 2nd hand market and integral artistic culture.” The members’ meeting can be done online in a new Telegram group for these cases:

The Social Dining Room on Wednesdays, the Jam Sessions on Thursdays, and the Arts and Games afternoons on Fridays are also temporarily suspended.

As soon as we can we will open again!!


We encourage people to focus on their own health at all levels, to take advantage of this exceptional state to practice the art of doing, with oneself and your own personal space, which daily life makes it difficult for us to do.

We will soon launch a project focused on finding better solutions to solve people’s needs collectively: the “Integral Registry of Needs and Resources for Local Self-Management” (RINRAL) … stay tuned!

In the meantime, if you have needs that you cannot cover, you can share them in the WhatsApp group of friends of the Transparent Space to see if we all find solutions.

And we encourage you to collaborate in the crowdfunding campaign: Either if you can contribute or you may disseminate it by sharing. Thank you!

Also, to remember what we humans are capable of (especially Catalans, Valencians, Andalusians, Aragoneses, Basques, etc.), we recommend watching again the essential historical documentary on TVE: Vivir la Utopía (el Anarquismo)! (P. Eg to There are too many capitalist and statist interests in trying to make us forget exactly what we already did almost a century ago, and that is clearly explained in the documentary.

In this current time of crisis we need a deep reflection on the world we want and how we want to build it. It has been shown that we are able to organize ourselves if we want.

Coordination team of the Transparent Space

Open Car Boots – March 22th 2020

Open Car Boots: 2nd hand flea market and integral arts culture

Sunday, March 22nd 2020

From 10h, with live arts, food and fire until dark!

Bring what you want to sell, exchange or give, or come to find things you need!
(and make a donation to the space so it can survive)

Popular Lunch at 14:30h (vegan dish €4, with chicken €6)

Artistic performances spontaneous at any hour!