Assembly days on human postcapitalism – 6, 7 and 8, September 2019

Assembly days on human postcapitalism. 6, 7 and 8, September 2019, Arbúcies
Open to everyone who wants to contribute to the common good!

Full program and documentation here:

Fridays 6:
Starting from 18h: Reception, presentation and distribution of the documentation.
21h: Supper (Tear and share or inventing)

Saturday 7: monographic debate human and economic aspect of FairCoop 2.0
10h: Improve FairCoop as a local-global movement on the human aspect and the governance-protection of values and aims.
– Presentation of evolutionary proposals: healthy limits for health and development
– debate and consensus-building
– plan for implementation of the agreements
14h: Cooperative lunch
16h: Improving FairCoop ecosystem under the economic aspect boosting the circular economics of products and services
– Presentation of productive projects, mapping of products/services network
– concrete offers for circular local-global economic campaign
– integral registry of necessities and resources for local self-management (and global version)
20h: Overview and collective acknowledgement of the results of the monograph documents
21h: Supper cooperative and Musicart til late

Sunday 8:
10h: 15at Open Assembly of FairCoop Catalonia
14h: Cooperative lunch
If they are no points to be checked, we could to the river to cool off …